May 10, 2013

Sean Moore is a frequent contributor of articles to general circulation and specialty publications, usually focusing on matters related to public-policy advocacy and lobbying. A partial list of selected, recently published articles follows:

  • The Drafter's Guide to Memoranda to Cabinet: This is a large pdf (3.5 mb, 72 pages) containing The Drafter's Guide to Memoranda to Cabinet, which was prepared several years ago by the Privy Council Office of the Government of Canada. It is prefaced by a short introductory memo from me in my previous incarnation as a Partner / Public Policy Advisor at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP.As noted, the format of an MC (memorandum to cabinet) can be a useful means of communicating ideas to government. Advocacy School instructor Phil Nicholson provides a half-day or full-day workshop on preparing such material. It can be an excellent tool in helping an organization think through the details of complex proposals to government and how it might best be presented to decision-makers.
  • What You Need to Know About the Federal Accountability Act appearing in monthly electronic newsletters of Imagine Canada, IMPACS and Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (January 2007)
  • Seven Questions About Dealing with the New Government of Canadapublished in 2007 Lexpert/ALM Guide to the 500 Leading Lawyers in Canada
  • Improving the Non-Profit, Voluntary and Charitable Sector's Effectiveness in Influencing Decisions of Government a Discussion Paper for the Muttart Foundation, September 2006 (available as a PDF at
  • Principles for Dealing with a Canadian Minority Government in 2006published in The Formulator, a magazine of the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association, April 2006
  • Election 2006 Underlines Relevance of Both Lobbying and Political Finance Rules, Lexpert Magazine, December 2005
  • Politics and Lobbying: Elements of the Brothpublished in Lexpert Magazine, April 2005
  • Ottawa and Washington: A Tale of Two Cities - and Two Very Different Approaches to the Lobbying of Government, published in Special U.S. Edition of Lexpert – FINLAW Magazine, April 2005
  • To Buy or Not to Buy (GR Consulting Services): That is the Question. In-House Counsel and the Government-Relations Function published in Canadian Corporate Counsel Magazine, January 2005
  • Five Good Ideas About Public-Policy Advocacy, an essay prepared for Maytree Foundation’s Five Good Ideas Series, St. Michael’s College, Toronto March 2005; soon to be included in Five Good Ideas: Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success (September 2011) to be published by Coach House Books
  • Pending Changes to the Federal Lobbyists Registration Act in various Gowlings newsletters, January 2005
  • Stanbury, W.T. and Sean Moore (2003) “Role of Interest Groups in Influencing Public Policy in Canada” in Diane Jurkowski and George Eaton (eds.) Between Public and Private: Readings and Cases in Canada’s Mixed Economy; ( Toronto: Captus Press).
  • Stanbury,W.T.  John L. Howard and Sean Moore (2003) “Political Reforms in Canada: Strengthening Representative Government in Howard Aster and Thomas S. Axworthy (eds.) Searching for the New Liberalism: Perspectives, Policies, Prospects, (Oakville, Ont.: Mosaic Press) pp. 355-396.
  • Playing in Bounds: Rules for the Procurement Game, by Sean Moore and Ron Lunau, Summit Magazine (2001)
  • numerous articles on "Advocacy" for The Hill Times: Canada's Politics and Government Newsweekly (