May 10, 2013

Welcome to my web site. It’s a work in progress and one that, hopefully, effectively conveys the broad strokes of my work related to the practice and study of public-policy advocacy. I invite your comment and input and welcome the opportunity to work with your organization.

Though now largely semi-retired from active involvement as a practitioner, I remain extensively engaged in a variety of initiatives related to what is variously termed “lobbying,” “public affairs,” or “government relations.” I prefer the term “public-policy advocacy” (PPA) because it captures the broader universe that includes the other terms. They all relate, in one way or another, to attempts by individuals or groups to legitimately influence specific decisions of government and other public authorities at local, state/provincial or national levels.

My work – mainly for foundations, professional / trade associations, NGOs and some corporations – falls into five streams, all of them inter-related:

  • Professional Development and Education: ….. design and delivery of university courses and in-house training and capacity development in public-policy advocacy for NGOs, associations and foundations. (Go to for information on a new initiative to deliver advocacy training – Advocacy School .)
  • Compliance Management: …. advice and assistance to corporations, associations, charities and NGOs on their compliance with laws, regulations, rules and guidelines associated with public-policy advocacy (i.e. lobbyist registration; political finance; rules on gifts and hospitality for public officials; conflict of interest and other public-ethics regimes)
  • Evaluation, Assessment and Advice: …. conduct ofindependent, external assessments of an organization’s public-policy advocacy (i.e. lobbying) activities; development of alternative organizational and governance structures for advocacy oversight and management 
  • Facilitation in Advocacy Strategy-Development: …. the design and delivery of executive and board retreats to consider / review an organization’s previous, current or future public-policy advocacy activities 
  • Research and Writing: …. in  attempt to develop a body of literature on “public-policy advocacy”, commissioning others and personally undertaking primary and secondary research on tactics, strategies, regulatory regimes, ethical considerations and “best principles / best practices” associated with public-policy advocacy in North America and abroad;  coming soon, an on-line book-in-progress on lobbying “How the System Works and How to Work the System”

For further information on any of the above mentioned, contact me at, or 613-794-1114.