May 10, 2013

Sean Moore-taught University Courses and Professional-Development Training

Sean Moore has extensive experience in creating and delivering both professional-development training and academic courses in public-policy advocacy and lobbying for organizations of all size and type. He also conducts training in Oral Presentation Skills for lawyers, other advocates, business, government and NGO executives who aim to improve their effectiveness in constructing and delivering speeches and presentations.

Dozens of professional and industry associations, non-profit groups, charities and corporations throughout Canada and the United States have engaged Sean Moore to design and conduct a variety of seminars, workshops and facilitated strategy-development sessions on a wide spectrum of advocacy issues. These range from basic “GR 101” sessions to weekend-long retreats at which an organization's board of directors or management committees have convened to re-think their entity's public-policy priorities and activities.

A partial list of such events follows. For more information on how something can be designed and delivered with your organization's particular advocacy needs in mind, contact Sean Moore at: or 613-794-1114. (Available now, a broad range of advocacy training through Advocacy School - "helping you learn to do it yourself."  For more information go to:

  • Lobbying by Non-Profits and Charities: Getting It Right from the Top Down and from the Bottom-Up: a half-day workshop for members of Board of Directors; Capacity Waterloo and Communitech, Waterloo, Ontario, January 2010; Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Calgary, Alberta, October 25, 2007; and Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Edmonton, Alberta, October 27, 2007)
  • How the System Works and How to Work the System: A Primer on Effective Public-Policy Advocacy a half-day workshop on advocacy for leaders in the technology community, sponsored by Communitech, Waterloo, Ontario, January 2010; the Belonging Initiative, Toronto, August 2009; a full-day workshop for Vibrant Communities chapters from Victoria, Abbotsford and Surrey, B.C., September 2009; Canadian Homecare Association, August 2010
  • Strategic Meetings: How to Get the Most out of Meetings with Public Officials: a webinar sponsored by the Government Relations Leadership Institute: June 2007; and 2-hour workshop for graduate students at Carleton University School of Public Policy and Administration; October 2009, October 2008; October 19, 2007
  • Telling Stories: The Role of Narrative in Influencing Decision-Makers: training / learning workshops on developing effective narrative in public-policy advocacy; Global Youth Fellows Program, Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, February 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007;  Maytree Foundation, Leadership Conference, October 2009
  • Dealing with the Federal Accountability Act: a two-day intensive workshop on the FedAA developed and delivered in collaboration between Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP and the Jarislowlsy Chair in Public Sector Management of the University of Ottawa, April and July 2007
  • Co-developed and co-delivered with Dr. John Chenier, a 13-week graduate level credit-course in Public-Policy Advocacy at Carleton University School of Public Policy and Administration, Fall semester 2006
  • Developed and delivered a 6-week course in Business Government Relations – Public-Policy Advocacy at University of Ottawa School of Management, Executive MBA program - Fall 2007, Fall 2006, Winter 2006, Winter 2005
  • Developed and delivered Monitoring of Federal Policy, Legislative and Regulatory Developments, a professional development training seminar for staff of The Law Society of Upper Canada, May 2006
  • Developed and delivered a half day course in Influencing the Decision-Makers as part of the Maytree Foundation's Public Policy Training Institute, Toronto, March 2006 (and February 2007; March 2008)
  • How the System Works and How to Work the System: A Primer on Effective Public-Policy Advocacy a 4-module professional development training program for Ottawa area NGOs and charities organized by the CBRNO – Community-Based Research Network of Ottawa, January 2006
  • Five Good Ideas About Public-Policy Advocacy, a 2005 session as part of the Maytree Foundation's Five Good Ideas Series, St. Michael's College, Toronto March 2005 (; soon to be included in Five Good Ideas: Practical Strategies for Non-Profit Success (September 2011) to be published by Coach House Books )
  • Effective Oral Presentation: a three-part training program in improving one's oral presentation ability for speeches, presentations etc.; federal Department of Justice and other federal agencies 2002-present; in-house Gowlings lawyers 2002-2007 and 2010;
  • Influencing Decision-Makers - a module of the Maytree Foundation's Public Policy Training Institute program, May 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • Five Things That Can Make a Difference in Public-Policy Advocacy, professional-development training for Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists, St. John New Brunswick, May, 25 2005

Now available, a wide range of advocacy training - "helping you learn to do it yourself." ..... Advocacy School: Go to